Samples of restored ads found in the listing below.
       Anything employed to influence people favorably is advertising. It may be the spoken word, as, for instance, the argument a clerk uses in selling a customer a pair of shoes; or the campaign speech delivered by a politician in behalf of a candidate for office.
       It may be something done, as, for example, the driving of an automobile at record-breaking speed across the continent to demonstrate its dependability and gasoline efficiency; or the making of cosmetic products for women in a show window to attract attention to the methods of manufacture or the quality of the ingredients employed.
       It may be the written or printed word, as a sales letter, a catalogue, or the newspaper display announcement of a merchant who seeks to draw customers to his store.
       Below is my index for paper ephemera about advertising. Topics covered include many diverse products such as: hair tonics, automobiles, breakfast cereals, shoe polish, groceries and so much more!
       The ads have been restored in order to show them as they may first have appeared in print originally. Students, teachers and crafters may print the materials out and use them for their own personal projects at school or at home.
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  1. Ozono, King of All Hair Tonics - straightens kinky, curly hair
  2. The Apperson 8 - automotive ad
  3. Two ads for Microscopes from the 1920s
  4. speaking of "OATS" advertisement
  5. An Open Secret: Poultry PAN-A-CE-A - for poultry
  6. The Popular KRIBS Electric - meets all the demands of laundry
  7. Spratt's Dog Cakes - biscuits for your pet
  8. Schumacher Feed Ad - for cows and pigs
  9. What's for Breakfast? - vintage Harry Morgan ad too
  10. Baby's Own Soap Ad
  11. Mesinger Saddles from 1911 - for cyclists
  12. Five Roses Flour Ad - Not Bleached, Not Blended
  13. Use Open Mouthed Hygeia Baby Bottles
  14. Pure White Floating Fairy Soap
  15. Oyster House Head Ad writing on the face
  16. Creamery Butter Ad from 1886
  17. Cut Glass Bowls from Gowans, Kent & Co.
  18. Rainier Beer Ad - text in French
  19. Pipes by Peterson
  20. American Grape Growers
  21. Sunny Brook: The Pure Food Whiskey
  22. Sanitol Tooth and Toilet Care Products
  23. The 20th Century Umbrella
  24. Palmolive Soap Advertisement
  25. The New Premier Pathescope!
  26. George Melford's "Burning Sands"
  27. Soft Arrow Collars
  28. Pork and Beans Ad
  29. Nugget Shoe Polish
  30. Supreme Food Products 
  31. The Torch of Liberty
  32. That's Nervous Prostration - nervous dyspepsia, depression, headache...
  33. Borated Talcum Toilet Powder by Mennen - a luxury after shaving
  34. Langdon's Sanitary  Ice Cream - No age barred from the joy
  35. Chase's Horse Blankets
  36. Country Biscuits Made with Flour From Duluth!
  37. Cottolene Makes Delicious Pastry
  38. A Bundy Dining Room Hot Closet Radiator
  39. Potash and Other Fertilizers for Your Garden
  40. American Beauty Flour
  41. Purchase a Fine French Telescope
  42. A Vintage Wrigley's Spearmint Gum Advertisement
  43. Your Eyes Deserve The Best! - quality lenses
  44. Negligee Collars for Men - always at the top
  45. Community Plate by Oneida - flatware
  46. Queen Olives - Libby's
  47. Remarkable New Drug Store Service!
  48. The Soda Fountain, An American Institution
  49. Bottle Illustration of Chero-Cola
  50. Hires' Root Bear
  51. Sauer's Old Verginia Fruitti-Punch Temperance Beverage Ad
  52. Safety First Advertisement
  53. Eskey Baby Food Ads
  54. Famous Sunkist Oranges - Christmas specials
  55. The Traymore Is No More - Premier Resort Hotel of the World
  56. Russel Hotel 1908, London
  57. Hotel Astor Coffee
  58. The Palace Hotel in Lucerne Switzerland
  59. The Savoy Hotel London
  60. Schnapps Tobacco Ad
  61. Sandow's Perfect Pants
  62. Humreno Flour, Pure as the Sun's Rays
  63. A Herald Announces Nemo's Service
  64. Anytime is the right time for Cordova Candles
  65. Die Cut Advertisement for Shoes
  66. Victorian Knitting Wools Ad
  67. "Pearls In The Mouth" With Sozodont
  68. Free Football Outfit Advertisement
  69. The GRUEN Pocket Watch
  70. "Syrup of Figs" Advertisement
  71. World's Dispensary Medical Association of Canada, 1920
  72. Mora Hat Advertisement
  73. Coca-Cola Satisfies
  74. A Corset for Stout Women
  75. "My busy day"
  76. Bunion Comfort Advertisement
  77. Baby's Own Soap Ad
  78. "Pride of Washington" Separator
  79. Dunlop Flour Advertisement
  80. Niagara Corn Starch Advertisement
  81. Sweetheart Soap
  82. Florient, Flowers of the Orient
  83. Kelloggs Krumbles Advertisement
  84. Maxwell House Coffee Advertisement
  85. W. L. Douglas Shoes
  86. Automobile Number, Show Edition 1921
  87. Jacob Kaufmann Seeds
  88. Rexall Hair Tonic Advertisement
  89. Good Seeds at Fair Prices
  90. Junket Ice Cream Ad
"We eat Quaker Oats" Trade Card, front picture.
      Trade card describes small cards, similar to the visiting cards exchanged in social circles, that businesses would distribute to clients and potential customers. Trade cards first became popular at the beginning of the 17th century in London. These functioned as advertising and also as maps, directing the public to merchants' stores, as no formal street address numbering system existed at the time.
      The trade card is an early example of the modern business card. Some businesses began to create increasingly sophisticated designs, especially with the development of color printing. A few companies specialized in producing stock cards, usually with an image on one side and space on the other side for the business to add its own information. As the designs became more attractive and colorful, collecting trade cards became a popular hobby in the late 19th century, since color images were not yet widely available.
       In its original sense, the "trade" in trade card refers to its use by the proprietor of a business to announce his trade, or line of business. By moving into the realm of collecting, trade cards gave rise to the trading card, the meaning now shifting to the exchange or trade of cards by enthusiasts. Some cards, particularly those produced by tobacco companies featuring baseball players, later developed into collectibles and lost their function as a business advertisement. Wikipedia

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Trading Card Samples: 
  1. Stickney & Poor's Mustard Trade Card 
  2. Clark's Mile-End Spool Cotton Trade Card 
  3. Ayer's Pills Trade Card 
  4. Boschee's for Disease Trade Card
  5. Phillips Cocoa Digestible Trade Card
  6. Trade Card for Refined Cider Vinegars 
  7. J. & P. Coat's Best Six-Cord Thread Trade Card 
  8. Cleaning Powder Trade Card from Pearline 
  9. James Pyles Pearline - child with doves
  10. Trade Card from a New York Dry Good Store 
  11. City Book Store Trade Card 
  12. Lion Coffee Trade Card 
  13. "Our Joy" Cod Liver Oil Trade Card 
  14. Austen's Florest Flower Cologne Trade Card
  15. Fleming's Mikado Cologne Trading Card
  16. Trade Card for Popular Book and News Depot
  17. J. F. Swab & Bro. Trading Card 
  18. The Turner Hybrid Tomato Card 
  19. Use Rubifoam for the Teeth
  20. Pearline Trade Card with Small Child 
  21. Her best friend... 
  22. Arm & Hammer Animal Trade Card

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