Sample clip art of animals found in my collections below.
        Furry critters from A to Zed, wild and free verses domesticated for the farm or to be petted by women folk and children. Check them all out for your personal crafts and classroom projects.

Victorian Pets: Scrap & Illustrations:
  1. Little girl, large bonnet
  2. The blue bow tie...
  3. Puppy attack!
  4. Sledding with friends
  5. Naming the kittens
  6. A white cat with green eyes
  7. Illustration of a foxhound
  8. Illustration of a Bull dog
  9. The peculiar guest
  10. A basket full of kittens
  11. A King Charles Spaniel die cut
  12. A littler of kittens - sleeping
  13. Relaxing in a hammock
  14. Canine Companions
  15. Rainy day companion
  16. Hunting for fowl
  17. Child in a blue quilted cape holding a bird
  18. Illustrated dog profile
  19. Hide and seek in the barn
  20. A grey tabby cat
  21. In the yellow bassinet
  22. Tug of war
  23. Mother dog with her litter
  24. Scrap of mother cat
  25. Victorian Dalmation Scrap
  26. Sitting up in the master's chair
  27. Puppy verses toy horse
  28. A young family
  29. A black and tan terrier
  30. Send for the doctor... 
  31. Feline with a bell on her collar...
  32. Mamma Mastiff and Her Pups
  33. A tuff looking boxer...
Victorian Farm Animals: Scrap & Illustrations:
  1. Donkey eats clover
  2. Scrap of a toy camel ride
  3. Curly horned goat
  4. An Ayrshire Cow
  5. Ayrshire Cow named "Flora"
  6. Not another goat!
  7. Peasant cottage die cut - hens in the yard
  8. Goat eating again!
  9. Goat bleating
  10. A braying donkey
  11. Standard desert transportation - camel scrap
  12. His domesticated menagerie
  13. Bringing home the cattle
  14. Unwelcome visitor
  15. Pet pig
  16. Pigeons congregating
  17. Sheep profile
  18. Dodging the cart
  19. Outnumbered - dog and geese
  20. Milk Cow
  21. Going for a calf  ride
  22. Geese
  23. Profile of a large pig
  24. Young foal
  25. A poor farmer's plow horses
  26. Geese pecking among the reeds
Victorian Wild Animals: Scrap & Illustrations:
  1. Furry Critters from England
  2. Illustrated Fox
  3. Wild Elephant
  4. Color illustration of a leopard
  5. Running Zebras
  6. Lone Wolf
Animals That Live At Sea:
  1. Slaying "The Man Eater" (shark)
  2. Whale Quarters
Wild Birds: Scraps & Illustrations:
  1. Illustration of a vulture
  2. Visit to the strawberry patch
  3. An elegant swan die cut
  4. Baby chick illustration
  5. Toucan illustration
  6. Penguin illustration
  7. Illustration of a young ostrich
  8. Bird landing on a twig
  9. Bird's nest with blue eggs
  10. Small bright bird
  11. A swimming swan
  12. Dove resting on a branch
  13. Cranes
Bird Cage Clip Art:
  1. Three birds cages
  2. The canary cage
  3. An empty canary cage
  1. North American Moths
  2. Yellow North American Butterflies
  3. Beautiful Wings
  4. Brown Moth and a Sketch of a Moth
  5. Small Blue Butterfly
  6. Butterflies in The Field
  7. Locust
  1. Illustration of A Scorpion

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