Biographies and Portraits 1700 -1925

      The large quantity of biographies/portraits that I have found in the public domain dictates that they be listed by name instead of simply tags.  Otherwise those of you looking for a particular person may go nuts sifting through the large number of posts published on this blog. Some of the biographies predate the Victorian Era and others succeed it, however, most of the people included here have lived some part of their life span during the Victorian Era.
      Not every sketch or photo that I have of a person includes a biography and not every biography, a portrait of the person included in this collection. However, I will endeavor to find information about the photos and illustrations of an individual as soon as I can and include it along with their portrait.
      I will also include some of the people that Victorians loved to write biographies about but these individuals may not have actually lived during the Victorian era (*). This is because much of content found on this blog was actually written by Victorian authors who liked to record history in general. When this happens, I will make note of it in the post.

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