Ladies, Gentlemen & Children

Above are just a few sample of the Victorian ephemera of people filed in my collection below.

       My collection includes are kinds of Victorian people illustrated from newspapers, magazines, in crafter's scrap and fine photography. Students, educators, and crafters may use these materials for personal projects. Read my Terms of Use and agree to them before downloading these restored images. 

Victorian Ladies/Women: Scrap, Illustrations, and Photographs:
  1. Pink and White Feathers in Her Hat
  2. A Lady With a Pink Hair Ribbon
  3. The Black Velvet Necklace
  4. A Lady Named Ivy
  5. Doing the Laundry - comical sketch 
  6. Lady Holding a White Feathered Fan
  7. Woman With Binoculars
  8. Lady Wearing a Three Cornered Hat
  9. A Blue Satin Gown
  10. A Lovely Lady in Blue
  11. Victorian Portrait of A Lady - African American
  12. The Lace Shawl
  13. Two Algerian Women - wearing the fashions of their ancestors
  14. A large basket -Native American woman from the Sierra Nevada
  15. A Painted Lady
  16. The Emerald Green Gowns
  17. Her Winter Muffler 
  18. Cradling Rose Blossoms
  19. The Pink Lady
  20. A Delicate Rose in Her Hair
  21. Canine Companions - Lady sitting with her dogs
  22. Her name was "Prairie Flower" 
  23. Gypsy Dancer 
  24. Churning the Butter - photo
  25. Gypsy Girl
  26. Black Velvet Ribbon
  27. The Hair Cut
  28. Sisters - Native American women wearing shawls and head scarfs
  29. Victorian Ladies in Walking Attire - from an old newspaper
  30. Two Lovely Victorian Beauties
  31. Flower in Her Hair
  32. The Pearl Necklace
  33. The Lady in Green - surrounded by flowers
  34. Lady Wearing a Blue Hat
  35. Soothing Baby - Native American mother and her papoose
  36. "There's nothing more attractive on a hat then bird's wings"
  37. Elderly Woman Reading the Bible
  38. Blue Head Scarf
  39. Lady Wearing a Wide Brimmed Blue Hat
  40. Discreet Conversations
  41. Bust of a Lovely Asian Woman
  42. A Lady in A Red Cape
  43. Head of a Woman
  44. A Fair Young Maiden Carries a Watering Can
Victorian Babies: Scraps, Illustrations, and Photographs: 
  1. Soothing Baby
  2. Mother Love
  3. Where did this second baby come from?
  4. Two Sleepy Infant Faces
  5. Triple The Fun
  6. Die Cut, Victorian Infant Faces
  7. Pink Bassinet
  8. Baby in A Basket
  9. Lacey Bonnet Baby
  10. The Bedtime Story
  11. Learning to drink from a cup
  12. Babies fighting over a bottle of milk
  13. Baby holding a doll
  14. Eating Breakfast
  15. Victorian Infant Dressed in Lace
  16. In the yellow basket
  17. Playing with a rabbit pull toy
  18. Baby with a cookbook
  19. Special Delivery
  20. Baby in a blue tub
  21. Tiny Victorian baby in a white bonnet
Victorian Gentlemen/Men: Scraps, Illustrations, Cartoon, and Photographs:
  1. A Spalding Football Player
  2. His Bagpipes
  3. A Fine Bath Robe
  4. The Village Smith
  5. Oyster House Head Ad?
  6. Ball Player from 1912 
  7. Telephone Call
  8. Grandpa Gives a Lift
  9. Trial In a Courtroom 
  10. A Victorian Die Cut of Van Dyck
  11. Type and Review
  12. "Many years have gone by..."
  13. Smart and Snappy Suit
  14. Shoe Repair
  15. Open Wide! 
  16. Old Wooden Shoes 
  17. "Your Gloves My Dear"
  18. The Film Makers
  19. Business Projects
  20. The Microscope
  21. Grocery Clerk
  22. Construction at The Pier
  23. Old Age
  24. Profile of Old Age
  25. Relaxing in A Hammock
  26. Chinese Male Profile
  27. Smoking Sailor 
  28. Printing Press
  29. Man in a smoking jacket
  30. Humerous Illustration of Victorian Physicians 
  31. Office Manager Making His Point
  32. Office Manager - standing
  33. The Hug
  34. Elderly Gentleman With Hat
  35. Sailor for The U. S. Navy
  36. Portrait of An Elderly Sailor 
 Victorian Children: Scraps, Illustrations and Photographs:
  1. Her favorite toys...
  2. The Little Carpenter
  3. Blowing Bubbles
  4. Scrap of a toy camel ride
  5. Child in A Fur Trimmed Hood
  6. Under the umbrella
  7. Illustration of An Eskimo 
  8. Little chimney sweep scrap 
  9. The softball game
  10. Child in a Blue Quilted Cape
  11. Romantic Victorian Portrait
  12. A difficult instrument to play upon 
  13. A basket full of kittens
  14. Sitting for a picture 
  15. Doing chores for mother 1 and
  16. Handwriting Practice
  17. The Tennis Player
  18. Driving the stage coach 
  19. Beautiful eyes...
  20. Tired toddler
  21. Greeting with the tip of a hat
  22. Borders/Banners: "Children's School Opening Week"
  23. Happy New Year Card
  24. Border: "In The Classroom"
  25. The rocking chair
  26. A Pansy Petal Portrait
  27. Asian School Children
  28. Bragging Rights
  29. Picture of innocence
  30. Getting to School On Time
  31. Scrap of a girl picking roses
  32. Young Native American
  33. Girl with a red hair ribbon
  34. The Pollinator
  35. Small girl in a blue bonnet
  36. Die Cut of Blowing Bubbles 
  37. Small boy in a straw hat 
  38. Photograph of Innocence
  39. Guilty
  40. Rosie Victorian Girl
  41. Group Photo from 1900
  42. Little Girl in A Large Bonnet
  43. "Puppy Love" Victorian scrap
  44. Brown eyed child 
  45. Stacking Cards for Fun  
  46. Children take a rest on the lawn
  47. Sailor boy with wooden sailboat
  48. Victorian baker boy 
  49. Beautiful Child's Portrait
  50. Head of a small girl wearing blue
  51. Die cut profile of a Victorian child
  52. Old etching of a child blowing bubbles
  53. The Young Matador
  54. Don't Forget to Smell The Roses!
  55. Content Looking Victorian Child
  56. Puppy Attack!
  57. Day at The Fair 
  58. Laughing boy
  59. Little Boy Reading
  60. Sledding With Friends
  61. Charming little girl in yellow
  62. Child's portrait inside a red flower
  63. Little Girl Holding Her Pets 
  64. Daisy chains
  65. Young Mahout 
  66. She wore a pink bonnet... 

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