Flowers, Trees & Plants

Sample Victorian scraps from my collection below.
        Floral Victorian scraps are used in all kinds of crafts, scrapbooks, homemade cards and journals. I've cleaned and restored the following samples for my students and visitor's personal art projects.

Victorian Flower Scraps:
  1. Angel floating on flowers
  2. Henderson's Superior Bulbs
  3. Rose and Rosebuds
  4. The Ruffled Blue Skirt
  5. Wine Colored Carnations
  6. Blue and Red Flowers from The Field
  7. Large Pink Rose
  8. White Magnolia Flowers
  9. Picture of Innocence
  10. Small boy falls with flowers
  11. Child's Sweet Pea Illustration
  12. Tulips
  13. Basket of Carnations
  14. Vase of Tiger Lilies
  15. Pink Petunia Blossoms
  16. Illustrated Geranium
  17. Gladiolus
  18. Pink and White Wild Roses
  19. Laurels in Her Hair
  20. Banner: Flower Seeds
  21. The Pansy Fairy
  22. Heart Shaped Wreath
  23. Roses In a Basket
  24. Cornflower Bouquet
  25. Butterfly and Flowers
  26. Die Cut Scrap of a Large German Iris
  27. Black and White Illustrated Iris
  28. Pansies and Lily of The Valley in a Basket
  29. Cradling Rose Blossoms
  30. Nosegay of Violets
  31. "Ever True" Bouquet
  32. A Classic Blooming Red Rose
  33. A Bouquet of Blue Cornflowers
  34. Basket of Red and Pink Roses
  35. Lily-Of-The-Valley Fairy
  36. Antique Wicker Basket of Flowers
  37. Three Tiny Pansies
  38. Basket of Wild Flowers
  39. A Basket of Yellow Zinnias
  40. A Fair Young Maiden Carries a Watering Can
  41. Child's Portrait Inside a Red Flower
  42. Roses Gift Tag or Placeholder Card
  43. Lavender Wisteria in a Green Vase
  44. Pansy Fairy Child
  45. Forget-Me-Nots for Good Luck
  46. Vase of Shasta Daisies
  47. Pink Roses and Buds
  48. Victorian Basket of Spring Pansies
Victorian flowers combined with Bible Verses & Poetry:
  1. Mark 10:14 - bird with garland
  2. The Savior's Love
  3. Coming To Jesus
  4. Psalms 150:6 - Iris and blue bells
  5. 1 Chronicles 16:34 - violets
  6. Psalms 71:8 - rose and ferns
Above, A Victorian calling card depicting handshake.
       A visiting card, also known as a calling card, is a small card with one's name printed on it, and often bearing an artistic design. In 18th century Europe, the footmen of aristocrats and royalty would deliver these first European visiting cards to the servants of their prospective hosts solemnly introducing the arrival of their owners.
Victorian Calling Cards:  
  1. "Many Pleasures" Calling Card
  2. "Life Dear For You Sweetest Flowers" Calling Card
  3. "Friendship's Tie, I'm Sincere" Calling Card
  4. "Far From The Bee Every Care" Calling Card
  5. "Sweet Dreams and Glad Awakenings Be Thine"
  6. Calling Card Including a Cat
  7. "With My Regrets" Calling Card
  8. "In Thy Welfare I Rejoice" Calling Card
  9. "Affection's Offering" Calling Card

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