Fruits, Vegetables & Seeds

Samples from my collection of fruits, vegetables and seed clip art below.
        The following clip art collection may be used for personal crafting/journaling about your cooking and gardening. Include my clip art on recipe pages or recipe cards, however you like to compile notes and lists about food in your own kitchen. 
       You might prefer to journal about gardening. If so this restored ephemera would look lovely integrated into a gardeners notebook, scrapbook or journal as well.
Fruits & Vegetables Cleaned and Restored for Personal Crafts:
  1. Illustration of Mushrooms - color
  2. Vegetables Displayed
  3. Long Red Peppers
  4. And Egg Plant
  5. An Illustration of Mushrooms - black and white
  6. A Superb Harvest - old gentleman farmer
  7. A Miniature Gourd
  8. A Portugal Squash
  9. Large Rouen Leek
  10. Giant Dutch Asparagus
  11. Food Harvested at The Peek of Perfection
  12. Extra Long Podded Aguadulce Bean
  13. Celery Stalk
  14. Bull-Nose Pepper
  15. American Grape Growers
  16. Gooseberry Mix
  17. Early Winningstadt Cabbage
  18. Turnips
  19. Culiflower
  20. Garlic Cloves
  21. Nice Head of Cabbage
  22. Visit to The Strawberry Patch
  23. Picking Ripe Fruit - lady in an orchard
  24. Hybrid Berries - raspberries and blackberries
  25. Melon Harvest
  26. A Fruity Grape Mix
  27. Fruits in a Delft Blue Dish
  28. Slippery Banana Peels 
  29. Holding An Armload of Garden Produce - young girl
  30. Juicy Temptations
  31. Strawberries In a Cut Glass Dish
  32. Plate of Peas
  33. Illustration of a Pumpkin
  34. Famous Sunkist Oranges
  35. "Cool As A Cucumber"
  36. Large Cabbage Head
  37. One Solitary Strawberry
  38. Summer Crooked Neck Squash
  39. Pears and Cherries
  40. A Cluster of Mixed Fruits
  41. Grapes Border
  42. Niagara Corn Starch Advertisement
  43. Cluster of White Grapes
  44. The Orchard Pickers
  45. Red raspberries on a branch
Journaling About Cooking:
Victorian Cooking Illustrations:
  1. Cuts of Venison, Beef, Pork and Mutton 
During the Industrial Revolution Era,
 Sears, Roebuck and Co. sold seed through
their mail-order company. Read more
 about Sears during the Victorian Era.
Many ordinary folks in America still
order their seed for their kitchen
gardens from Burpee and Gurneys.
       Most seed companies or resellers that sell retail, produce a catalog – generally published during early winter for seed to be sown the following spring. These catalogs are eagerly awaited by the amateur gardener, as during winter months there is little that can be done in the garden, so this time can be spent planning the following year’s gardening. The largest collection of nursery and seed trade catalogs in the U.S. is held at the National Agricultural Library. The earliest catalogs there date from the late 18th century, with most published from the 1890s to the present. Shakers were among the earliest commercial producers of garden seeds; the first seeds sold in paper packets were produced by the Watervliet Shakers.

Vintage Seed Ephemera:
  1. Morning Glory Seed Pack Label
  2. Pomedoro Grosso Tomato Seeds
  3. Salzer's Superior Fodder Plants
  4. Golden Bantam Sweet Corn Seed
  5. Lace White Pole Lima Seeds
  6. French Breakfast Radish Seeds
  7. Green Pole Bean Seed from Kentucky
  8. White Icicle Radish Seeds
  9. Yellow Summer Squash Seeds
  10. Cos or Romaine Lettuce Seeds
  11. Yellow Pumpkin Seed Pack
  12. Seed Pack of Culiflower
  13. Early Curled Selician Lattuga Lettuce
  14. Red Raddish Seed Pack
  15. Danvers Carrot Seeds
  16. Onion Seed Packet
  17. Jacob Kaufmann Seeds
  18. Good Seeds at Fair Prices
  19. Potash and Other Fertilizers for Your Garden
Recipe Journal Setup and Flip Through 

Crustaceans, Kelp & Sea Shells:
  1. Bay Scallop Shell
  2. Green Periwinkle Shell
  3. Scotch Bonnet Sea Shell
  4. Aged Drawings of Shells

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