Victorian Goods & Services

Example clip art from goods and services listings below.

       Goods are items that are tangible, such as pens, salt, shoes, hats and folders and services are activities provided by other people, such as doctors, lawn care workers, dentists, barbers, waiters, or online servers. According to economic theory, consumption of goods and services is assumed to provide utility (satisfaction) to the consumer or end-user, although businesses also consume goods and services in the course of producing other goods and services.

Communications Goods & Services
Office Workers:
Office Supply:
Law Services
Courtrooms and Lawyers:
  1. Trial In a Courtroom
  2. Custody Battles
  3. My client is the victim You're Honor...
  4. A fool and his money soon part ways...
  5. Courtroom Scene
Crime and Punishment:
  1. The Prison Cell  
Entertainment Goods & Services

Vocalists, Musicians & Musical Instruments/Technology: 
  1. Illustration of a victrola and a family listening to a victrola
  2. The Brumswick Phonograph
  3. Playing the harp
  4. Opera performance and At The Opera
  5. Listening to Piano Music
  6. Fritzi Scheff
Dance & Dancers:
  1. Miss Mabel Love
  2. Pan Plays His Pipes
  3. Vernon and Irene Castle
  4. Cuban-Louis Heels
  5. The Evening Dance
Film & Theater:
  1. The Empress Theater from 1913
  2. The Film Makers
  3. The New Premier Pathescope
  4. George Melford's "Burning Sands"
Artists & Equipment: 
  1. Palette of Yellow Roses and Portrait of A Lady
  2. Wordsworth Thompson
  3. Gibson At His Drawing Board
  4. Frederick A. Anderson
  5. Mary Ella Dignam
  6. William L. Sonntag
  7. Frederick W. Freer
  1. The Market Place
  2. A typical Victorian home
  3. A Victorian park scene
  4. Small Town U. S. A.
  5. Building a skyscraper
  6. A Listing of Famous Victorian Skyscrapers
  7. Peasant Cottage Die Cut and The little country church scraps
  8. Citizen National Bank in Winchester Kentucky
  9. Department Store Front Entrance
  10. Observing the barn
Victorian Hotels and Resorts:
  1. Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Atlantic City, New Jersey
  2. The Traymore Is No More
  3. Russel Hotel 1908, London
  4. Hotel Astor Coffee
  5. Mt. Washington Hotel
  6. The Palace Hotel in Lucerne Switzerland
  7. Hotel del Coronado, San Diego, California
  8. The Savoy Hotel London
  9. Digital Papers: California Dreamin'
  10. Digital Papers: Wildwood Resorts
Merchandise Goods & Services

Wool Industry and Textiles:
  1. Spinning The Wool
  2. Mapel Leaf Wollen Mills Co.
  3. Old-Fashioned Spinning Wheel
  4. The Spinning Wheel
  5. Knitting Hands
  6. Carding Wool
  7. Victorian Knitting Wools Ad
  8. Learning to knit
Sewing Embroidery and Needlework:
  1. Shop Girls Driven to Disgrace 
  2. Sewing machine from 1920
  3. Bullock's Sewing Machine
  4. Fancy Sewing Cabinet
  5. Clark's Mile-End Spool Cotton Trade Card
  6. Mending Clothes by Hand
  7. Machine Embroidery Illustration
  8. Sewing Awl
Small and Large Appliances:
  1. The Popular KRIBS Electric
  2. A Bundy Dining Room Hot Closet Radiator
  3. "Perk Up" it's your morning coffee!
  4. An Ideal Kitchen
  5. A Fan Plugged Into The Wall
Toys Novelties and Magic Tricks:
  1. Send for the doctor...
  2. Scrap of a toy camel ride
  3. Tired toddler
  4. "Don't wake baby"
  5. Her favorite toys...
  6. Die cuts of teddy bears
  7. A Christmas Belsnickle carries a basket of toys
  8. A boys velocipede from 1891
  9. The doll's carriage ride
  10. The expanding moustache
  11. Swimming mechanical doll
  12. Sneeze quick bouquet
  13. The dying pig
  14. The marionette merchant
  15. Baby holding a doll
  16. Playing in the nursery
  17. Illustration of a Victorian china doll
  18. Away to the palace!
  19. Playing with a rabbit pull toy
  20. Victorian toy rubber dog
  21. A big rocking horse
  22. Bisque doll head
  23. Tiny tin toy tea set
Groceries and Labels: Search advertisements & fruits, veggies for additional grocery artifacts.
  1. Domolco Molasses
  2. An Old Scale from 1916
  3. Del Monte Yellow Cling Peaches 
  4. Boiled Dinner and Other Good Things Label
  5. Black and White Baked Beans Illustration
  6. Silver Gloss Starch Container
  7. Pork and Beans Label
  8. Sun-Kist Canned Peaches
  9. Pure White Floating Fairy Soap 
  10. Creamery Butter Ad from 1886
  11. A Jar of Olive Butter
  12. Gilbour's Antiseptic Hand Cleaner
  13. Pork and Beans Ad
  14. Furniture Polish Bottle
  15. Supreme Foods Products
  16. Grocery Clerk
  17. Saltesea Oysters
  18. W. T. Benson & Co. Prepared Corn Starch
  19. Welch's Grapelade
  20. Red Raspberry Jam
  21. Nobby Brown Polish from Whittemore Bro's Corp.
  22. Canuck Rolled Oats
  23. Crothers Meadow Cream Soda's
  24. Buffalo Brand Coffee
  25. American Beauty Flour
  26. Log Cabin Syrup
  27. Stickney & Poor's Mustards Trade Card
  28. Boy Running With a Loaf of Bread
  29. Humereno Flour, Pure as the Sun's Rays
  30. Dodging the Cart
  31. Large Egg Crate
  32. Heavy Packages
  33. Chocolate Cream Coffee Can
  34. Barrel of Pillsbury's Best Flour
  35. A Basket of Groceries Plus a Turkey
  36. H & K Vacuum Packed Coffee
  37. Dulop Flour Advertisement
  38. Niagara Corn Starch Advertisement
  39. Kelloggs Krumbles Advertisement
  40. Maxwell House Coffee Advertisement
Smokes & Spirits Ads, Labels, and Containers: 
  1. The "Leader" Cigar Label
  2. Prince Albert Tobacco Ad
  3. Pipe Smokers
  4. Tobacco Tin of Velvet Brand Tobacco
  5. Old Kirk whiskey from 1909
  6. The Pine Burr Cigar Label
  7. Rainier Beer Ad
  8. The "Golden Belle" Cigar Label
  9. Pipes by Peterson
  10. American Grape Growers
  11. Sunny Brook: The Pure Food Whiskey
  12. "Great Chief" cigar label
  13. "Road House" cigar label
  14. "Our General" cigar label
  15. Veuve Clicquot: Veut Dire Champagne
  16. Royal Pilsener Bottle Beer
  17. General Arthur Cigars Ad
China, Dishware, Porcelain:
  1. Cut Glass Bowls from Gowans, Kent & Co.
  2. Mantel Piece from 1881
  3. Fruits in a Delft Blue Dish
  4. Community Plate by Oneida
  5. French Glass Water Set
  6. Scraps of China Coffee Pots
  7. Two Handled, Bantam Cup
  8. Poultry Herald Cup
  9. Illustrated Tea Pot
  10. Floral China Tea Cup & Roses
  11. Cut Glass Footed Serving Bowl
Medical Goods & Services
Human Anatomy:
  1. Shaded Human Skull
  2. Hand & Foot Bones
  3. Eyeball Illustrations
Medical Supplies:
  1. Two ad for microscopes from the 1920s
  2. Ophthalmologist or Optometrist Illustrations
  3. Brunton Ear Lamp, 1869
  4. Ear Douche, 1869
Red Cross: 
  1. The Spirit of America
  2. Join, Red Cross work must go on!
  3. Angelic Red Cross Nurse
  4. "Mother of The World" Red Cross Logo
  5. Decorated For Bravery
  6. Vintage Red Cross Logo

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