Monday, March 2, 2015

President Zelaya of Nicaragua

Illustration of President Zelaya.
  Description of Illustration: black and white illustration of President Zelaya of Nicaragua, medallion shape

     José Santos Zelaya López (1 November 1853 Managua - 17 May 1919 New York City) was the President of Nicaragua from 25 July 1893 to 21 December 1909.
      Zelaya was of Nicaragua's liberal party and enacted a number of progressive programs, including improving public education, building railroads, and establishing steam ship lines and enacting constitutional rights that provided for equal rights, property guarantees, habeas corpus, compulsory vote, compulsory education, the protection of arts and industry, minority representation, and the separation of state powers. However, his wish for national sovereignty often led him to policies contrary to colonialist interests. Read more . . .

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