Victorian Holidays

Above are a few samples from my restored collection below.

       Decorate your home, cards, crafts, and classrooms with these restored Victorian holiday scraps. Read the Terms Of Use and agree to them before reproducing content from this web page.
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Victorian Christmas Scraps:
  1. A lovely scrap of Christkind or Christkindl
  2. Scrap of a belsnickle wearing a gold coat...
  3. Scrap of a toy camel ride
  4. Little chimney sweep scrap
  5. Log cabin in the snow banner
  6. The sleigh chase
  7. English children wearing their Christmas hats
  8. Greeting with the tip of a hat
  9. A Christmas belsnickle carries a basket of toys
  10. Santa's Swan Sleigh
  11. Scrap of an angel playing a violin
  12. Santa with snow in his beard
  13. Belsnickle with toys for little girls and boys
  14. Bringing home the tree and holly for Christmas
  15. Girl with a Christmas wreath
  16. A Christmas angel
  17. Time for holly berries
  18. Dear Old Santa Claus
  19. Christmas toys
  20. The biggest smile ever!
  21. Santa delivering toys in an antique automobile
  22. St. Nickolas carries holly
  23. The blesnickle will soon pay a visit
  24. Angel border
  25. Oval holly wreath frames
  26. Santa Claus in 1902
  27. "Guess Who?" for Christmas Fun
  28. A Postcard of Santa, a Robin and Stars in The Sky
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Victorian Valentine Scraps and Cartoons:
  1. Cupid with hearts and forget-me-nots
  2. An angel holding a rose garland
  3. A tale of love, a ring, and a ringer
  4. A pink angel with a pink rose heart
  5. The ruffled blue skirt
  6. The rose bouquet
  7. Eating chocolates
  8. The affectionate kiss
  9. Highwaymen of the month
  10. The Valentine posy
  11. Eating grapes
  12. Laurels in her hair
  13. Her preferences for Valentines Day
  14. The luxurious demands of a playground bully for Valentines
  15. The mean valentine
  16. Bleeding hearts
  17. "Shooting an arrow"
  18. Sailboat drapped with pink forget-me-nots
  19. "There's more'n one Clara" cartoon
  20. Shakespeare unequal to it
  21. A true love posy
  22. Heart shaped wreath
  23. Give us a cupid squad
  24. Cherubim deliver a large valentine
  25. "Now is the time" Valentine
  26. That comic valentine
  27. Swinging my valentine
  28. "Time to Shell Out!" valentine
  29. Children delivering valentines
  30. Hardy valentine annuals
  31. A chance valentine
  32. Lucky Valentine
  33. Fixing his tie
  34. "Your the key to my heart, Valentine"
  35. A forget-me-not heart for your valentine
  36. "Puppy Love" Victorian Scrap
  37. "Be my love, valentine"
  38. "To My Valentine" scrap postcard
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Victorian scraps.
Victorian Christmas Video:
Victorian Couples for Your Valentines:
  1. The 20th century umbrella
  2. The evening dance
  3. Lovers on horseback
  4. Make a wish!
  5. Riding horseback
  6. The boutonniere
  7. Kiss on the cheek
  8. Heavy packages
Victorian Easter Scraps:
  1. Tiny chicks and hens for Easter scrap crafts
  2. Victorian children with their Easter lambs
  3. Easter eggs trimmed with spring flowers
  4. Cabbage patch divider
  5. Baby chick illustration
  6. "Easter Joy Be Yours" Cross
  7. Easter lambs and eggs
  8. Contemplating the cross of Christ
Victorian Halloween Scraps:

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