Victorian Fashions

Sample clip art of Victorian fashions from the listing below.

       Both men and women's fashions are represented in the following collection. Everything from shoes to corsets are illustrated below. Read the Terms of Use before incorporating the restored ephemera into your next craft or school project.
Costume & Fashion:
  1. Ladies winter coats, 1916
  2. Warner's rust-proof corsets
  3. "The Guest"
  4. Club fitness, Victorian style
  5. Modern dressed babies from 1920
  6. Reading about the latest fashions
  7. Taking time for tea
  8. Yellow and grey silk gowns from 1851
  9. Fashionable fur cape
  10. Gent with top hat and overcoat
  11. The lovely summer gowns of 1910
  12. The fashionable rider
  13. Lady's fashion plate from 1895
  14. Lady's fashion plate from 1896
  15. Lady's fashion plate from 1897
  16. Night at the opera
  17. A fine bath robe
  18. Man in a smoking jacket
  19. Man In The Moon
  20. Victorian ladies walking attire
  21. One in a million tuxedos
  22. A well dressed pair 
  23. Ladies Fashions from 1880
  1. Cuban-Louis heels
  2. Nugget shoe polish
  3. The cobbler
  4. A flexible sole
  5. Shoe polish kit
  6. Nobby Brown polish from Wittemore Bro's. Corp.
  7. "I'm sure I have just your size madam"
  8. A shop girl holds an armful of shoes
  9. Paton's laces
  10. Ladies brown Victorian boots
  11. The "Nugget" show card
  12. Shoe repair
  13. Presenting ladies boots
  14. Bringing the master's slippers
  15. Die cut advertisement for shoes
  16. Victorian heels in black with roses
  17. Bunion comfort advertisement
  18. W. L. Douglas Shoes
  1. Ad for suspender belt
  2. Strange haberdashery
  3. Soft arrow collars
  4. Bowler hat
  5. An assortment of men's gloves
  6. Men's neckties
  7. Men's hosiery
  8. Negligee collars for men
  9. The GRUEN pocket watch
  10. The Gentleman's habedarshery
  11. Looking at his own handsome reflection
  12. Men's socks
  13. Mora hat advertisement
  14. Big stacks of shirts
  15. Ties and shirts haberdashery
  16. Illustration of a man's hat
  1. Jewelry Frame 
  2. Running With a Pocket Watch
  1. Two lovely Victorian beauties
  2. Lady wearing a three cornered hat
  3. Royalty ostrich feathers
  4. Lovely spring hat with sash
  5. "There's nothing more attractive on a hat then bird's wings"
  6. A lady in a velvet hat
  7. A spring, pink, calico bonnet
  8. A Spring Bonnet for The Easter Parade 
  9. A Straw Bonnet and Yellow Parakeet in Bonnet
  10. Coral colored feathers
  11. An early winter hat
  12. Lady wearing a blue hat
  13. A bonnet worn with the veil from 1883
  14. Lady wearing a wide brimmed blue hat
  15. Two Victorian bonnets trimmed with roses and pansies
  16. Fashionable hat with a giant bow
  17. Hat trimmed in white feathers
Women's Accessories: 
  1. Palm woven fan
  2. Lady holding a white feathered fan
  3. Inside a lady's purse...
  4. Spring pansy fan
  5. Looking in the mirror
  6. Victorian portrait of a lady
  7. Fan with pastoral scene green
  8. A herald announces Nemo's service
  9. Blue head scarf
  10. Fan with a pastoral scene (blue)
  11. "Your gloves my dear"
  12. Embroidered reticule
  13. Fashionable parasol, gloves and fan
  14. Pocket book, coin and hand
  15. Tiny Victorian fan illustration
  16. Gem stone illustration

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