Victorian Home & Health

Above are a few sample illustrations depicting Victorians in their everyday environments interacting with family.
        All resources listed here have something to do with the domestic lives of people living during the Victorian era in: England, Canada, the United States or Australia. My collection here will grow much larger so don't forget to bookmark my website for future updates.

Domestic Life and Health:
Domestic Service:
Illustrated Interior Rooms and Furnishings of Victorian Homes:
  1. Drawing of a parlor
  2. The Brumswick Phonograph
  3. A Sunny Victorian Porch
  4. Music in The Home
  5. Playing in the nursery
  6. Resting on the veranda
  7. The spinning wheel
  8. The bathroom from 1921
  9. The ideal kitchen in 1920
  10. Listening to piano music
  11. The Victorian's kitchen shelf
  12. Baby Swing and Baby Carriage
  13. A ladies bedroom from 1897
  14. Wonderful bed outfit from 1917
  15. New style bedroom set made in fumed oak
  16. Four piece Mission "den" suite
  17. Upolstered davenport couch
  18. A Sears Davenport Bed Sofa, 1908
  19. Colonial style Morris chair
  20. A Victorian cast iron bed 
  21. "Songs Without Words" music room
    Victorian Era Education: Public & Private:  
    Illustrations & Scrap About Victorian Family:
    1. Churning The Butter
    2. After Dinner Storytime
    3. A Visit From The Pastor
    4. The Hair Cut 
    5. Children collecting laurels
    6. Grandpa Gives a Lift
    7. Braiding Her Hair
    8. What's Inside Here?
    9. Apology excepted
    10. Playing in the nursery
    11. Soda fountain days
    12. Feeding the men folk...
    13. Snowball fight
    14. The blooming tree
    15. The confession
    16. Caring for each other
    17. Playing On The Seashore
    18. "Don't Wake Baby"
    19. Bragging rights
    20. The softball game
    21. Going for a calf ride
    22. The Hug
    23. Stacking cards for fun
    24. Last coast of the season! 
    Menial Labor and Hardships:
    Social Reformers: 
    The Temperance Movement and Prohibition:
    Death, Dying & The Grave From Newsprint:  
    1. Safety First
    2. Devastation
    3. The Agent of Death
    4. Death Cometh

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